Located in the interior of the island, on the hill most of this economic center of the island are lush fragrant vineyards. Its stone houses exude Mediterranean culture. The place is suitable for those who want an active vacation, so its surrounding trails can walk, run or ride a bike.

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We went for an adventurous walk on the surrounding trails for this place, it was the perfect way to lose weight. The stone houses exude the Mediterranean culture of the people through the building style of the house.We tasted homemade wine from the lush fragrant vineyards.
very good!!!
I wanted an active vacation where i can participate in activities such as walking and hiking and this place offered exactly that. i also visited the vineyards and had a taste of their homemade wines.
We visited the place with my friends for a vacation and we do not regret our decision. We had a lot of fun during bike riding around the trails and the island on some evening hours with beautiful rays of the sunset. Lovely place and wonderful memories that we had.
The view of this town is lovely. It has a Mediterranean cultural heritage. its architectural design was lovely. Its walking trails were amazing. It was nice to walk around it. The pine trees provided a marvelous shade. I enjoyed my stay in this town
I needed an active vacation and chose to come to this place. I went bike riding, running, and walking. I also visited the wineries where I had a chance to see how wine is made.