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Prigradica is one of the oldest inhabited bays on the island, and it is adorned with stone houses that seem to emerge from the sea. These houses were used for the purpose of storing highly valued Blato wine, oil and other agricultural goods that were exported by boat to Adriatic and Mediterranean cities. With the development of this small commercial port, a large stone breakwater was built, during the summer months a catamaran comes from Split, via Hvar and still connects the town of Korchula.Today, Prigradica is an exclusive tourist destination with a trend of expansion and connection with surrounding bays. , but the vast majority are modern and newly built buildings.During the summer season in Prigradica there are restaurants, bars and shops.Most of the coast in Prigradica is steep and rocky, but next to Prigradica has a swimming pool with a pebble beach.

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The bay is well built and equipped throughout. When we visited the place we enjoyed the services and rented a boat with my boyfriend. We went on a cruise across the bay and enjoyed some music with the guide on the boat as well as the scenic views of the bay and the dazzling waters of the views.
The restaurant and the beach bar were among the superb places that we enjoyed to visit with my family. We had some delicious meals and drinks with refreshments that we loved and had a great time with the family for the vacation.
Rocky and pebble beaches at the place were amazing for our visit for the summer. The temperatures and the weather for the place was among the great things that we had and we enjoyed swimming at the swimming pools and the beaches and sea. Unforgettable moments with friends and it was fun.
very good!!!
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