Prigradica is a small fishing village surrounded by old vineyards and olive groves on the northwest coast of the island of Korchula. Prigradica, one of the earliest inhabited bays on the island, was established as an export port for prized wine and olive oil from nearby Blato. There are many ancient stone houses, so it is obvious that Prigradica has preserved the authentic rustic environment from ancient times.
Today, Prigradica is exclusively a tourist place for a pleasant and peaceful vacation. The Great Waterfront dominates the bay with a mole built during Austro-Hungary. Entertainment and sports facilities include rocky and pebble beaches, restaurants, cafes, football fields, basketball and beach volleyball. Since Korchula is a wooded and mountainous island, Prigradica is an excellent starting point for hiking and biking routes around the island. The surrounding villages, untouched for centuries, are a unique experience of going back in time.

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We strolled in the vineyards and olive groves, after walking for sometime we could rest under the shades of the olive groves .We also went for biking around as we admired the scenic beauty of this place. In the evenings, we went for swimming in the pebble beaches and also play volleyball at the beach.
we visited this place because we were craving a pleasant and peaceful vacation. we visited the vineyards and engaged in more strenuous activities such as hiking and bicycle riding. The food here is very good and you will want to revisit after such a wonderful experience.
We entertained ourselves with a trip to the place. We had the opportunity to visit the pebble beaches and enjoyed swimming at the crystal clear waters of the sea. We also engaged in other fun activities around the small village that were fun to do.
This town is a small fishing village. Its water fruit is spectacular. This village is a nice place for a vacation. It has various social amenities including playfields. Its hiking routes were very fascinating. The vineyards were so lovely
I came to this place and found a beautiful beach where I played beach volleyball with my friends. The restaurants and the cafes were clean and the waiters were friendly. We enjoyed our stay here.
very good!!!