Smokvica is a small place located in the southern part of the island of Pag, about 15 km from the Pag bridge. It is connected to Vlashichi by a narrow road that passes through the rocks, with which it shares infrastructure - a school, a cemetery, a local board and others.The houses are located on a hill, and the sea can be reached by paths through fertile gardens, reeds, figs and pines ... Peace, quiet, clear sea and beautiful sandy beach are the main tourist assets of Smokvica.

№577 in Cities of Croatia

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Located on the Island of Pag, I would recommend this town for nature lovers. It is a small but ideal town for one to unwind. One could hike to the top of the hill and enjoy seeing nature at its best. I enjoyed hiking. It was a great experience.
very good!!!
Beautiful beaches that we enjoyed with rich nature and amazing weather that was lovely for our vacation at the place. Peaceful and quiet beaches with pine trees shade and we had the best time of our lives.
The place is entertaining with lots of places we had the opportunity to tour. Great place as we visited the cemetery and we enjoyed every bit of our time at the place. Amazing history too that is interesting and we enjoyed our period at the time.