Zavalatica is a small island town located in a bay on the south side of the island of Korcula. In Zavalitica there is a shop, cafe and restaurant and several beautiful beaches.Zavalatica will primarily suit lovers of family vacations in a small and quiet place and beautiful natural surroundings. The proximity of the island of Lastovo makes Zavalatica an ideal starting point for visiting Lastovo and the islets in its archipelago, which especially delights boaters.Daily fresh Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood, homemade olive oil and top quality wine will surely help you feel the true Mediterranean spirit and way of life of the past while staying in Zavalitica.

№540 in Cities of Croatia

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We were in for the vacation in this lovely beautiful natural surroundings. My kids enjoyed swimming in the pebble beaches, while for my old parents, this was the perfect place to be as it was quiet away from the bustle of the town.We bought the fresh fish, fresh Mediterranean fruits and vegetables as souvenir back home.
I came to this place with my family to enjoy a quiet vacation. We enjoyed fresh Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. The fish and sea foods were delicious. We carried some wine and olive oil to take back home.
An escape from the present times is how I would describe my experience visiting the location. Coupled with the beautiful calm atmosphere just making one relax and forget their busy lives. My kids enjoyed the visit too, the beautiful natural surrounding and the different local delicacies to try out, just make a wonderful family experience. Would recommend a visit to any person and individual or family.
very good!!!