Cara is an old Korchula village located in the central part of the island of Korchula, along the main road, about 25 km from the Old Town of Korchula. Cara is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Korchula, and stretches on the southern slope of the surrounding hills covered with olive groves and vineyards. Due to its position off the coast, Cara enjoys plenty of sunshine all year round, and here you can also enjoy the winter, when the southern position gives this village plenty of pleasant afternoon sun.

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very good!!!
We loved to watch the sun rays dazzle into and radiate the rooms we stayed during our stay here. We enjoyed our winter vacation here as the village gave us plenty of pleasant afternoon sun due to its strategic position. The view of the surroundings covered with olive groves and vineyards is panoramic from the hilltop .
My sister had great things to say about this play and i had to visit. i came here last saturday and i was mesmerised by its beautiful. i visited the vineyard and saw the olive groves.
We toured different places in the village but we enjoyed our visit to the vine yard. We had the opportunity for wine tasting the different types that are produced and also had the chance to visit some other olive farms.
This town is surrounded with vineyards and olive groves. I loved touring this town. It was so peaceful and quiet. The atmosphere was lovely. Its buildings were neatly decorated. The people in this town were so hospitable.
Our experienced tour guide was able to take us hiking and mountain biking. I loved the children's program and the other recreational activities in this place.