Brna is located on the south side of the island of Korchula in a beautiful sunny bay surrounded by forest. On the west side is the Mali Zaglav peninsula, which separates Brno from the bay of Istruga, while on the southeast side there are several beautiful hidden coves with pebble beaches and clear blue sea.The whole area is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, pine forests, olive groves, citrus and fig trees as well as vineyards, there are many interesting walks both inland and on the coast.Brna offers a unique combination of beautiful surroundings and fun, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, snorkeling, fishing and many other activities on land.Family accommodation is available for all your needs, whether in a hotel or in a beautiful private apartment or villa. All restaurants serve traditional Dalmatian dishes and homemade poship.

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very good!!!
This bay is surrounded with forests. I enjoyed swimming in its clear blue waters which was surrounded with pebble beaches. I also took a walk into the dense forest and I was taken aback by its beauty. It was an epic nature walk.
The location was best suited for our holiday vacation trip. When we landed at the place it was amazing as we enjoyed the various activities that the place offered from swimming at the sea to snorkeling. The experience was superb with lovely pictures that we took on our period at the place.
Walks around the farms and the vineyards at the place was great. We enjoyed the interesting history of the place and the processing of the wine among other things. We also had a tour to some other farms with different stuffs and we had fun. We could not miss the chance for wine tasting and also had some to take for later.