Vela Luka


Vela Luka is a small place located on the west side of the island of Korchula in a deep wide bay which makes it a safe harbor and anchorage. Vela Luka Bay abounds in numerous bays covered with vineyards, olive groves, fig trees and pine trees.Vela Luka is an attractive destination because of its mild climate and natural beauties such as beautiful views, clear sea and beautiful beaches. Moreover, it is rich in cultural heritage, various sports and entertainment events, and most importantly, kind and hospitable hosts.

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Vela Luka
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Every traveler should visit Vela Luka at least once. I came here last year and I still reminisce about the trip. The delicious dalmatian cuisines were to die for. I loved the fish, brodetto, olive oils, and fresh wine. Everything was nice.
Vela luka offered me a good chance to enjoy myself. I loved the walks to the fortresses on the hills. They had commanding views of the sea and a nice place to enjoy sunsets. It turned out to be a sensational town.
I am always an art lover and any town with unique collections is worth mentioning. The town's museums had very special exhibitions of ancient times and even contemporary artists. This town is full of rich history and it's a splendid place.
We loved Vela luka the moment we landed here. The boat trips to the sea were nice as were the scuba diving. The underwater views were paradisical and we enjoyed every moment. One of my friends had to come back the same year to experience the thrill!
My family has always come here since we were kids. We have grown very fond of it and I always feel much at home. The marinas are my favorite as I get to watch the yachts and boats dock. The weather is always nice. I recommend this place.
I loved the climate of this bay. It was so warm. The view of its beaches was splendid. I enjoyed swimming in its waters. Walking on its streets was so nice. Just admiring the beauty of its buildings.
The climate of this place is mild.There are several outdoor activities one could take part in such as swimming, Taking a nature walk. The clear sea and sky is a view I would definitely live to remember.