The Church of Saint Micael


This church is located on the road from the town of Vis to Komizha, not far from the Church of our Lady of Planica. It is believed to have been built in the 12th century due to various stylistic details of its exterior and interior that point to the transition from the pre-Romanesque to Romanesque period. Among other the external features of this style are the long oblong stones, small round windows, square windows on side walls and the east-to-west floor plan, all of which can be found as characteristics of this church.


The interior of this church exhibits all the early Romanesque features, as well, and it does not contain any of the bas-reliefs specific to the earlier periods. The records tell us that in this period there was a triptych depicting St. Michael, St. George and St. Nicholas placed above the altar.


By the 14th century the church was in need of reconstruction, which was finally done in the 16th century and was funded by an unnamed local of Komizha.


While this church is easy to find and get to, it is only open for visitors on St. Michael’s Day, when a mass is held in his honour. This doesn’t mean you can’t actually visit it and enjoy a lovely view of the surrounding landscape, since the church sits perched at 300 meters above sea level.

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otok Vis, cesta od Komiže prema Visu


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