The Church of Saint George


Perhaps the most interesting thing about The Church of Saint George is that, during the 15th century it served as a home to a number of hermits. Originally built in the 12th century, and used for services, during the time of the hermits and due to the lack of their care it badly deteriorated, leaving the altar standing on one pillar only, along with merely two paintings, that of St. George and of the crucified Christ. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the altar was replaced with a new one and the church given a proper restoration. The old ruined painting of St. George was also replaced, with a new one depicting him mounted on a horse, and standing between St. Jerome and St. Anthony.


St. George has been the patron saint of the town of Vis since the 15th century, when the people of Vis added his image to their crest and flag as a sign of protest against the Venetian rule. Once a year, the town of Vis celebrates St. George’s Day with a mass held at this church in the honour of their patron saint.

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