The Church of Saint Mary of the Pirates


This church derives its interesting (and pretty cool) name from a local legend. Pirate raids were not uncommon to happen on the island of Vis during the 16th century. It is said that during one of them, probably sometime around 1542, the pirates raided the town of Komizha, including the church of St. Mary where they stole the painting of Our Lady. However, while escaping, they could not get their ship out of the port due to bad weather and decided to drop the painting overboard. The painting then floated back to the shore, and, while damaged, its miraculous return was seen as a blessing and a good sign among the people of Komizha.


The church was built during the middle of the 16th century, and its architecture is rather interesting. It consists of three connected churches, each with their own naves and vaults. Two of these were made in the Gothic style, and one in the Baroque style. Inside you will find five altars among which the main one has been gilded and is thought to be the most beautiful one.


The treasures of the church include its organ, one of the oldest ones in Dalmatia, and built in 1670 by the Polish artist Stephanus Kolarevich. In the courtyard of the church stands a well where women of the time went to draw water or wash clothes, which gave additional social importance to the church. Becasue of its rich and specific history and architecture, this church has been declared a protected cultural heritage.

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Ribarska ul. 95, 21485, Komiža


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