Fort Kastel Komuna


This tower is located on the coast of Komizha, in a location perfectly suited to its purpose. It was built in 1595 as a defensive fort against possible attacks by pirates and the Turks. 


An interesting detail of its architecture are the lower parts of its walls, built at a slant, and stone rings used to help moor ships since, at the time of the fort’s construction, this part of the coast was partially below sea level. 

The tower was built in 1870. during the British administration of the fort. The tower clock was added in 1879, after the municipality of Komizha bought the fort to use as offices. The small windows were expanded and balconies were added at this time, as well.


It is interesting that the original construction of the fort was done during the Venetian administration, but was largely financed by the fishermen of Komizha themselves. Today, almost as if in tribute, this fortress is the home of the Fishermen's Museum, the best place to learn all there is to know about the fishing traditions of Komizha.

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