Fort Host


Fort Host just might be the most interesting of all the forts built on the island of Vis.


It was erected on the tiny island of Host (only 120 meters long and 36 meters wide) just at the entrance to the port of Vis. This placement has made the island invaluable in the island’s history, since, long before there was ever a fort built on it, it served as a quarantine for all passenger arriving to Vis, where they stayed until the authorities were certain they weren’t carrying any infectious diseases (such as the plague or the cholera).


The fort itself was built at the beginning of the 19th century as a part of the Fort George - Fort Wellington defence line, by William Host, a young and ambitious captain of the Royal Navy, famous for his 1811 victory over the much larger French fleet.


By the late 19th century the fort was abandoned and in ruins, and in 1873 a lighthouse was built in its place, tended to by families from all parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


The lighthouse is now available for rent and is especially popular as a honeymoon resort since its location guarantees complete privacy while being in close proximity to the town of Vis.


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otočić Host, luka Vis


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