Rogacic Bay


During the Second World War this bay had an important military function: it was used as a submarine hide-out. For this this purpose, a hundred-meter-long tunnel was dug in the hill of the bay, known as the Jastog submarine cave. Nowadays one of many historical attractions of the island of Vis, it is still used for docking by tourist boats.


The whole bay is divided into two smaller coves, Parja and Rogačić. Being rather well sheltered from the winds both are suitable for docking, which is why the bay doubles as a small port. You’ll always find small boats and fishing boats scattered along its lovely pebbled beaches, and yachts and larger boats anchored a little further out. 


Due to its location (the bay is only a few kilometers away from the center of Vis) and being so well protected from the winds, it is very suitable for anchoring for a longer periods of time. Whether you get here by car, boat, bicycle or on foot, you will enjoy the charming scenery of the calm sea and natural shade.

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