Stiniva Beach


What would you say if we told you that, in 2016, the British Daily Mail declared Stiniva Beach the most beautiful beach in the entire Europe?


You might ask us for directions on how to get there. You’ll find it on the southern side of the island of Vis, in a small bay enclosed by cliffs. Some of the features that made it to the top of the best European beaches list are its calm, warm and pristine sea, the sand and pebbled terrain which makes it comfortable for sunbathing and swimming alike, and the stunning scenery of trees and rocks that surround it and ensure there is plenty of natural shade on it.


You will also find a small restaurant here in case you get hungry or just want a drink, but no matter what you do you will without a doubt have an amazing day in the seaside landscape of the bay.


There are two ways you can get to it: by boat, in which case you’ll most likely need to anchor outside of the cove and swim to the beach. In case you like to enjoy your day in relative privacy and away from noise, we advise you to visit the beach in the early morning hours, since it can get pretty crowded during the summer season.


If you choose to go by car, you will need to get to the small village of Zhuzheca (9 km from Vis, 13 km from Komizha), park there and go on foot. The field path will take you directly to the beach. It’s pretty steep so unsuitable for children under the age of seven. Remember to bring some water and good walking shoes since going down the path might take you over twenty minutes.

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Island of Vis

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(6 reviews)
The most beautiful beach in the entire Europe and we had to see it for ourselves. So my girlfriends decided we get to the beach by boat which on arrival we had to swim to the beach which was amazing. If you'd want some peace and quiet visit the beach early in the morning since it can be crowded during the day.
As we visit the sandy and pebble beach we went to the restaurant and have lunch with spectacular menu and drinks too. We went swimming and sunbathing at the beach later and enjoyed the marvel of the place. Natural shade from the trees and great experience at the beach.
It was comfy to sunbathe on the sandy pebbled train. As we enjoyed the calm, warm and pristine sea feeling which is relaxing. Highly recommendable for couples.
The beach has a stunning beauty contributed by the stunning scenery of trees and rocks that surround it. The trees provided us with natural shade protecting us from the heat of the sun . Had an amazing beach day in the seaside bay landscape.
I was intrigued by the calm, warm pristine sea and the view of the trees and rocks that surround the sea. It has a natural shade and the sandy terrain is very suitable for sunbathing. There is also a restaurant in case you want to grab something to eat or drink. You can go by car but you will have to walk a bit once you re parked. This place is pretty crowded so the best time to visit is in the morning hours.
very good!!!
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