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Srebrena Beach is a pretty magical place, and here’s why. Its name means ‘silver’ and it didn’t get that name on a whim. It is covered with large limestone pebbles the sea keeps washing up onto the shore, which gives this beach a unique look among all other beaches of the island and the entire Croatian coast altogether. While this is enough to be considered a beautiful sight, the pebbles actually acquire an amazing silvery iridescence under the light of the moon. Add to this image a perfectly turquoise sea and you will get an image from a fantasy of a dream.

The back of the beach is surrounded by woods which provide plenty of natural shade. While the beach terrain is made of gorgeous pebbles a part of it is also made by large carbonate slabs that are suitable for sunbathing. The sea itself is calm, clean and not cold. The large rocks surrounding the beach protect it from the strong sea winds.

There are no special amenities here, except for public toilets and changing booths, but wed like to think that doesn’t matter. It will suit the entire family, and its magical charm will leave a lasting impression on you.

You’ll find the beach near the Rukavac village, 10 km away from Vis and 18 km away from Komizha. You can leave your car on the parking lot in the village and walk the next 250 meters to the beach.

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it has got it's unique look due to its limestone pebbles, giving it a beautiful view. My boyfriend and I had an adventurous season while at this place. We rested at the natural shades as we had our conversation.
We had carried our swimming equipment with us, so we engaged in swimming while making fun with water. it is the best place to have holidays at it creates a memorable impression especially for the families. we will tag along our kids next summer holidays
You should see the beach at night with the moon shining on the limestone pebbles; spectacular is even not close to the word. The pebbles actually acquire an amazing silvery iridescence under the light of the moon.
In terms of amenities there's not much except changing rooms and toilet. However, the sea is a magical view! It has large limestone pebbles that give it a shimmery look. It is also surrounded by woods which provide a natural shade. There are rocks surrounding the beach that protect it from the strong winds from the sea. There is a carbonate slab that is suitable for sunbathing. This beach is definitely great for a family vacation.
Magical pebble beach with beautiful views of the sea and the calmness was therapeutic. Sunbathing at the beach was great and the beach has some amenities including toilets and changing room.
very good!!!
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