Stoncica Beach


Stoncica Beach is situated in the eponymous cove on the eastern side of Vis island, a wonderful little nook surrounded by a thick forest and sea. It’s the perfect place for everyone, but you will find it especially suitable if you’re bringing children along, or if you’re not so sure of your swimming skills. The sea access is gradual here which will make your swimming a lot easier and will allow kids to play and jump around in the shallow water.


Sunbathing will be extra comfortable here since the beach is made of sand, and if you enjoy beach volleyball, the court is right on the beach. There is a restaurant here, as well, with a great Mediterranean food and wine menu and, of course, a splendid view of the bay.


You can get to the beach by the main road leading from either Vis (9 km) or Komizha (20 km) and park in front of the beach. There is also a hiking trail that leads from the town of Vis all the way to the bay and takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Vis

Place Location

otok Vis, uvala Stončica


(6 reviews)
Spent the day with my nephews and nieces and they enjoyed this wonderful little nook surrounded by a thick forest and sea. Swimming here was a lot easy because the sea access is gradual and shallow allowing the kids to jump around.
My kids had a good time playing and jumping around in the shallow water. Surrounded by a thick forest and sea, the serenity of this beach is nothing to miss. Will come back soon.
The beach is surrounded by a thick forest, so there is a natural shade. Also the entrance to the waters in the warm beach is shallow and suitable for children. The sandy beach is also very suitable for sunbathing and playing volleyball. The restaurant offers a wide array of amazing foods and some good wine…so hey wine lovers!
The volleyball court allowed us to play volleyball at the beach .It was delighting to play as we enjoyed the cool breeze of the sea. It was adventurous to go hiking with the guide of the hiking trail to the bay.
We went swimming at the sea when we visited the beach and had an amazing time. The forest trees offered a good shade and it was fabulous. We went for a walk in the evening and bumped into the restaurant that had wonderful Mediterranean food and drinks too as we enjoyed the view of the sea,
very good!!!
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