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Vis never ceases to amaze with its historical heritage. While there’s plenty of ancient ruins to visit, the island has been an active part of world’s history ever since. Th Romans, the Venetians and even the British have left their mark on the landscape and history of the island. One of the best preserved locales is undoubtedly Fort George, located on the west side of the Vis port.


Fort George, named after the British King George III. Is one of the fortifications built by the British Royal Navy after their 1811 victory in the Battle of Vis. It served as a sort of an international garrison for various armies, including the Italians, the Suiss Guard and the Corsicans. It was in use for two hundred years before it was abandoned. In 2012 a private company gained concession to use the object and began with repairs and restorations that eventually returned the old Fort to its former glory.


The Fort is now once again brimming with life. It hosts various events, public (such as concerts) and private alike (wedding receptions), and has a restaurant, a lounge bar and an art gallery open to all visitors. The Fort’s leadership aims to put the Fort on the cultural map of the island and is open for viewing from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 2 pm. In case you want to book an event or have a meal at the restaurant, the reservations can be made through the Fort’s official webite.

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