The Komiza Pie


Aside from being the island of forts and the island of excellent wine, Vis is also not short on superb local specialties. The Komiza Pie (or, ‘Komiška pogača’) is the kind of a pie you will want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and everything in between. It is made of dough, sardines (or anchovies, both salted), onions, tomatoes and fresh herbs. It is the tomato that gives it a full, rich flavour, and this is how you will know The Komiza Pie from its Vis version.


The traditional way to make this pie in the town of Vis is without the tomatoes added in the mix. While this doesn’t make it any less tasty there is a historical reason for this. The recipe that is still used in the town of Vis to make this pie goes back to the old times, before tomatoes were even introduced into the agriculture of the island.


If you’re vacationing on Vis during the summer The Komiza Pie will have an excellent taste since all of the ingredients are easily accessible this time of the year, especially tomatoes.

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