The island of Brusnik


The islet of Brusnik sits at a distance of twenty-three kilometers from the island of Vis, and is a unique place on the Adriatic coast. In geological terms, it is of volcanic origin, one hundred and fifty million years old and full of magnetite. Although it is uninhabited, Brusnik is the home to the endemic black lizard, and the nesting place of the yellow-legged gull and the grey falcon.


There is a beautiful small cove on its west side, covered with dark pebbles. In the old days the fishermen of Komizha docked here while fishing and catching lobsters. You can still dock here, but with caution, due to the large rocks covering the seabed.


The contrast between its dark volcanic terrain and the blue sea that surrounds it makes Brusnik an exceptionally attractive location. Its endurance through the ages is impressive, too. Not only has it survived the forces of nature down hundreds of millions of years, it has also survived humans. During the Second World War, the British army used this islet for long-range artillery practice.


Brusnik has been a protected area of nature since 1957, and is a part of the ecological network of the Republic of Croatia.

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