Velo Zalo Beach


This beach is one the hidden beaches in the bay of Komizha. It is surrounded by high cliffs, pine and tamaris trees, all of which make land access impossible and leave the sea as the only way to get to it. This is why there are very few people here, even at the height of the summer season.

It offers no amenities but it does have a wonderful natural shade and a pebble-and-sand terrain that is suitable for children. The sea here is always clean and fresh, too.

We recommend visiting this beach if you’re kayaking, and if you want to come by boat you can use the taxi speedboat service and be there in five minutes.

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It is surrounded by high cliffs and pine trees. It has a beautiful terrain and is suitable for children. The sea is clean and clear and safe to swim in. It has enough natural shade to shelter you from the summer heat. The breeze from the sea is totally amazing and makes the visit worthwhile.
I really do love hidden places and the only way to access this beach was through sea. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs, pine and tamaris trees making land access impossible. I loved kayaking and went back to the hotel using a taxi speedboat.
Kayaking was an adrenaline igniting activity that i loved most. I boarded a speedy boat for the first time in this beach and it was an awesome boat cruise. My kids on the other hand enjoyed playing on the sand terrains.
Clean and fresh sandy pebble beach that we visited with my family and we enjoyed the shade from the trees and the peace and quietness since there are not many people at the beach. We went kayaking too at the sea and it was splendid trip to the beach.
The beach is not crowded , the high cliffs and pine trees provide shade against the heat of the sun. The sea water was clean and fresh
very good!!!
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