Beach Gusarica


Small, soft pebbles and a shallow entrance to the clear sea make it an ideal beach for family vacations, children and the elderly. It is easily accessible, accessible by car, scooter, bicycle or on foot.

The beach is located near the beautiful church of St. Mary, known as Our Lady of Pirates built in the 16th century, after which the beach got its name - Gusarica (Pirate). The beach is surrounded by beautiful greenery, full of pine, tamarisk and carob, which gives it plenty of shade during the summer heat.

On this beach you have everything you need for a pleasant stay in the sun: locker rooms, cafe and restaurant, mini golf and showers, and it is accessible to the disabled. It is only a 5-minute walk from the center of Komiza. There are two diving clubs nearby and a small port for mooring smaller boats and yachts.

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21485, Komiža


(6 reviews)
This is the perfect place for family vacations. The small soft pebbles and shallow entrance to the sea make it suitable for the children. It is easily accessible so it gets a bit busy. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery which gives the area a beautiful natural shade. There is basically everything in this beautiful beach from locker rooms, toilets, showers, to restaurants and rental areas.
I was here specifically for diving. The beach has two diving clubs nearby and a small port for mooring smaller boats and yachts. The pine, tamarisk and carob gave plenty of shade during the summer heat.
The pebble beach was amazing to visit and the natural shade was great with additional amenities available including shower and changing cabins. The restaurants and the beach bar was the one place that we loved and had amazing meals.
The beautiful greenery creates a stunning backdrop for photo sessions. The pine, tamarisks and Carob gave us plenty of shade during the summer heat. Highly recommended for families with young kids vacations.
I had everything I needed for a pleasant stay in the sun. We played golf with my friends before taking refreshing cocktail at the cafe. I boarded a yacht for my first time in this beach.
very good!!!
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