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Novo Posta Beach is located in the beautiful fishing village of Komiza, on the island of Vis. The beach is easily accessible on foot from the center of Komiza. It is covered with smaller round white stones and some rocks, which do not make it difficult to move or enter the sea. On the beach you will find a little natural shade provided by the grove above the beach. However, be sure to bring proper protection as most of the beach is constantly exposed to the sun. The entrance to the sea is shallow and gentle. There are no additional facilities and facilities on the beach, but it is still popular among the population. The center of Komiza is not far, so if you decide to go for coffee or to one of the restaurants for lunch, everything is relatively close to you.

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I found this place relaxing despite it having little natural shade, teh beach is covered with small round white stiones and a little bit of rocks. Acces to the sea is relatively easy and it is shallow. It is crowded in the summer because people love visiting it. Downside is it lacks additional facilities so carry all you may need for a day in the beach, refreshment areas are relatively close to the beach.
Nice landscape, trecking trails for those who love to take walks and swimming and basking in the pebble beach. My friends and i enjoyed going fishing it was an amazing experience.
My friends and I went searching for some of the precious stones on the sea bed. The sea bed in this location is characterized by beautiful, crystal, white pebble that are illuminated by the blazing sun. We collected several as souvenirs and presents for our siblings.
very good!!!
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