Kamenice Beach


Under the influence of volcanic eruptions, the islands of Jabuka, Brusnik and part of the coast in Komizha were formed. Kamenice Beach with a popular night club, one of the favorite gathering places of young people, is located on such terrain.

Kamenice is a protected pebble beach at the very exit from Komizha, named after the stone water jugs that were carved there to collect drinking water, below the source of fresh water. Fresh water is still flowing through the greenish volcanic rocks, formed by the hardening of ash and lava deposits, which are not found anywhere else on the Croatian Adriatic.

In the past, when there was no city water supply, women from Komiža came to these springs to get water, or to do their laundry.

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21485, Vis


(6 reviews)
The nightlife of the pebble beach that we visited for summer was exciting. We enjoyed and danced the night away with many other people visiting and it was fun throughout. Unique features and history that is interesting.
The presence of a nightclub was everything, considering we came to have fun! The beach is super amazing especially with the presence of the stone water jugs and the greenish volcanic stones. There are cafes and bars make it super amazing because we didn't get hungry or even thirsty. Trees provide a beautiful shade for the people on the beach.
it was a delightful experience to land on kamenice Beach which had various natural features including volcanic eruptions which I had only seen in pictures. Being a place with rich history, I enjoyed gathering with locals which enjoying tasty beer at night.wonderful place to be
We did not expect to party this hard while here; this is a small ibiza. The beach has a popular nightclub that is filled with young people just out having fun. My friends enjoyed every bit of it.
Fresh drinks served by friendly staff made me feel like staying there even more I enjoyed watching greenish volcanic rocks which gave the place it's unique look. I will miss this place.
very good!!!
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