The Blue Cave


The Blue Cave, located on the small island of Bishevo, is not your garden variety kind of a cave. Here, the sunlight and the sea interact together in a dance to create the amazing silver and blue illuminations this cave gets its name from. The sunlight actually comes in through the underwater entrance to the cave and hits the water, creating the blue. Depending on the refraction angle, the light sometimes illuminates the cave with a silver glow, as well, a result of all the colours mixing together into one.


Light only comes into the cave through this underwater opening, though the actual entrance to the cave is large enough for a boat to go through it. The latter was made by expanding a small natural opening in the cave, in 1884, by baron Von Ransonet (who actually painted the cave in all its colourful beauty).


To visit the cave and admire its splendour you can arrange a trip with a number of tourist agencies in Komizha. Depending on the season, the best time of day to visit the cave and witness the play of light and shade is between 10:00 and 14:00. Because of this unique phenomenon The Blue Cave was declared a protected geomorphological site in 1951.

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