Island of Bisevo


The small island of Bishevo is located opposite Komizha on the island of Vis. Full of rocks that protect this island, we can see a lot of caves scattered around the coast of Bishevo. The most famous is the Blue Cave, which is also a natural phenomenon that hides the bright blue sea in its interior. Although this cave has been known to fishermen for a long time, it has been available for the rest of the public to visit only since 1884, when a hole in the rock was successfully formed by blasting a hole in the rock. Apart from beautiful beaches, Bishevo is also a place to escape from reality, with only a dozen permanent residents. On the island there are holiday houses that leave you breathless, a couple of taverns that offer freshly caught fish and homemade wine and countless picturesque beaches, paths and green areas. Bishevo is a perfect place for rest of body and soul.

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Island of Bisevo
4.0 (1 review)
Island of Bisevo
4.0 (1 review)
Island of Bisevo
4.0 (1 review)
Island of Bisevo
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Island of Bisevo
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I had so much about the Blue Cave that i wanted to witness and i found exactly as i had heard,example the natural phenomenon hides the bright blue sea in its interior. In the evening, we walked through the picturesque paths surrounded by green areas, a perfect way for rest of body and soul. The couple of taverns around here offered us freshly caught fish and delicious homemade wines.
My family and i visited this island in an attempt to escape the reality. We loved the beautiful beaches and caves which gave us an adventurous experience. We had homemade wines and dishes of freshly caught fish.
We visited some amazing places including the taverns and restaurants that has amazing services. We had freshly prepared fish caught from the sea. We also enjoyed ourselves with some home made sweet wine that was relaxing and wonderful for the day.
This place is famously known for their scattered caves. The most common is the blue cave. Going into the blue cave was a thrilling experience. I loved it. Its water is so clean. This is the best best place to unwind
The best Island for a passive vacation. I was impressed by the boats and the area surrounding them was calm.
We visited this place and rented a beautiful holiday house. We enjoyed homemade wine and had a great time on the beautiful beaches.
We walked along the picturesque paths as we gasped fresh air from the surroundings, the walk was therapeutic to me. The green areas not only glorified the scenic beauty of the place but it also served as a good backdrop for taking photos. Perfect place for body, soul and mind relaxation.