Dragodid is a small abandoned village situated in the hills almost in the middle of nowhere. Dragodid was founded 200 years ago by the Suić family. The village was alive until the 1950s when the last people left, and today it is rarely used by locals who avoid summer crowds or people who still grow vines here, pick rosemary or have hives. The positions of the houses are very interesting - there are 2 rows for each family because the rule was that the oldest son in the family gets his own house, and the younger sons or daughters stay in the original house living with their parents.

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I needed some alone time away from the busy crowds and noise and the geographical location of the village charmed me all the way. Later i visited the vines where i got a chance to do some wine tasting, they were very tasty and sweet. I bought some wine and honey.
This place was on a hill. The beautiful view of lush greenery and rocky landscapes was such a sight to behold. I enjoyed inhaling fresh air and the cool atmosphere. I loved the sunsets and the local delicious dishes.
Visiting the small village makes one feel like they are in an alien place, in a positive way. it just gives a beautiful new cultural experience for anyone visiting, the house layouts are interesting to look at.
very good!!!