On the north side of the island is the village of Okljucna, and at the foot of this village is the bay of the same name. In the village there is a baroque chapel of St. Anthony and the Queen's Cave, which is adorned with the name of a natural landmark. Legend has it that it was named after Queen Teuta — who had her home there. This queen, as the ancient writers say, ruled the Adriatic and on several occasions besieged the Greek city of Issa, or today's Vis.

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We came to this town with lots of friends to have a good time. The highlights were the walking tours and then unwinding in the cinema halls in the evening catching a movie. It was a superb visit.
There is a lot to do in Okljucna. The hiking trips are what I would recommend to every new visitor. You get to enjoy the green landscape and unforgettable views of the town.
I appreciated this island for the good time I had here. The incredible beaches were very clean and all facilities were there. The views of the sea while sand bathing were phenomenal.
Every adrenaline junkie should visit this town. The roars of the ATV quad bikes were just remarkable. I and my boys had lots of fun as we rode around the town. We shall bring our girlfriends next time.
My experience in this town is worth sharing. I highly commend the beautiful hotels in this place. Apart from the good service, the bars here have a great ambiance with the table lit candles and soft music. It was always relaxing to chill here after a long day.
Okljucna is a fantastic town. My buddies and I hired a boat to explore the sea and we had fun-filled days. We snorkeled in the clear aqua blue waters and caught glimpses of many species of fish. The trip was really refreshing.
There is something about riding a landrover defender on any tour. The military tours that we undertook in this town were really nice. The guides were super fun and they told interesting stories of the military complexes. The trip was worth every dollar spent.