Podspilje is the name for a group of villages located in the southwestern part of the island of Vis, at the foot of the highest peak of the island, Hum. The entire Podspilje is small in size and insignificant in terms of population, but rich in cultural and historical heritage. The place exudes history, soothes the soul with its greenery of many vineyards, and old stone houses give a special note to this picturesque area.

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The environment of this town was calm, peaceful and serene. My family and I enjoyed our quiet and peaceful vacation in this town. We really admired their cultural heritage. The people were so hospitable.
This town boasts of amazing vineyards and a serene environment. The nature trails were s wonderful. Their accommodation facilities were so beautiful and lovely. I enjoyed my stay here. The locals were s friendly
I toured the various vineyards and got to experience the quality wines produced in the various location. I learned that the owners were quite conscious of environmental pollution and were quite vigilant to ensure the production process was safe. I loved the experience.
This location is quite, peaceful, and serene. I enjoyed a quiet vacation with my wife in this location. We spent the days touring the vineyards and admiring the indigenous vegetation around the location. We connected with nature and had a blissful experience.
The place was awesome visiting, it had this field that was very vast and green filled with vineyards and grasslands, and further you could sea the waters and hill ranges beyond, the breeze and the views there were fantastic
The fact that it had less people was enough for me, i needed a place to go out and think about myself and at the same time learn something new, this was the place. It was rich in culture and heritage. I am glad i came here
We got to understand that Podshpilje in not a single name but a name which identifies group of villages located in the southern part of Vis Island. We had a chance to relate different ideas, customs and even social behaviour of the place since it was rich in cultural and historical heritage. If you want learn more about different cultures, please plan to visit this place.