Stari Trogir bay


Stari Trogir bay is located in Trogir and overlooks the beautiful Island of the Archangel. The beach is made of beautiful fine white pebbles and sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle, and the seabed is also covered with sand. The sea is warm, shallow and pleasant. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to take everything you need for your vacation. If you still want a cocktail or lunch, the center of Trogir and all its sights are very close. Stari Trogir bay is quite famous and popular among locals and tourists, so do not expect too much privacy.

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I visited the beautiful island of the archangel while in this location and I was awed by the beauty of nature and the open waters. I enjoyed surfing in the open waters and exploring marine life.
I enjoyed swimming in this beautiful beach made up of fine white pebbles and sand. The sea here is warm, shallow and pleasant even more welcoming to swimmers. The center of Trogir offers refreshments and beautiful sights to visit;there are no additional facilities on this beach, Expect a crowd of vistors here in the summer.
The town being a UNESCO World Heritage Site my friends and i were excited to be here. We visited he Tree of love which according to a romantic legend, a couple kissing in this place will carry eternal love in their heart. As we enjoyed the sea breeze we visited the Trogir Waterfront where we mostly grabbed our coffee.
very good!!!
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