As the center of the municipality, this small coastal resort on the Dalmatian coast boasts a beautiful sandy and pebble beach. The sources mention it in 1070, and the time of the old Croats, today's area of ​​Marina was called Drid, and the place itself was called Bosiljna, which is mentioned in the 9th century as part of the Trogir community. When the danger of Turkish attack loomed at the end of the 15th century, Bishop Franjo Maracel issued an order in 1495 to build Kaštela, a unique defense system, consisting of a tower on the rocks in the sea and the fortress Citadel, which was on land. In the womb, visitors will find the church of St. John the Baptist on Brce Square. Built in the 16th century, as a single-nave building on a rectangular floor plan with a square apse, a pointed vault and covered with a pile of canals. Certainly worth mentioning is the church of St. Jakov, built after the danger from the Turks, also in the 16th century, where the first list of baptisms from 1583 is found. In addition to the notable architecture, near the Marina is the cave of St. Philip and James, along the old main road. In the cave you will find a chapel, which was visited by Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1891. Numerous objects were found in it, such as prehistoric knives, terrines, cups, glasses, Roman coins, heads on reliefs from late antiquity and the like.

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The little village reminded me of home. Extreme beauty with kind souls who are so friendly. One of the best places one can enjoy being at.
very good!!!
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