Medena Beach


On the south side of Trogir, 4 km from the center, there is a cultivated 3 km long pebble beach surrounded by pine trees and various sports facilities. The 1.5 km long Medena Beach is extremely lively and popular. White pebbles, flat and small shores pleasant for families, bathing areas with stairs, restaurant with traditional cuisine, parking next to the resort Medena, various sports facilities, tennis, mini golf, fitness in the woods, football field, basketball court, volleyball court, children's animators and playgrounds for children, is more than enough to visit this beautiful beach.

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21220, Seget Donji


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This popular beach is crowded and the reason for it flocking with tourists is because of its appearance. the pine trees provide a beautiful natural shade and the sports facilities are just perfect for recreational activities. There are bathing areas with stairs, traditional foods served in the restaurants, children's playground and more. Definitely coming back!
it is more than enough to be to this place as it has many facilities including sport grounds. I joined the locals who were in games competition and it was fun. I will definitely come back
it is surrounded by green pine trees which gives the place a beautiful scenery. it's rich history attracts more visitors together with its unique environment. Pleasure to everyone!
The white pebble beach that we visited during our tour was amazing with pine trees giving enough shade to us on the warm temperatures. The beach also had many other activities to engage and the kids did not miss out the fun when we visited the beach with them too. Great facilities including the bathing and changing areas and the showers too.
The beach which is 1.5km long is extremely lively and popular with tourists. I enjoyed playing mini-golf and working out in the woods. There are land sporting facilities on this beach so incase you get bored with playing in the beach you can play basketball or football in the courts provided.
very good!!!
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