Top sights of Trogir: 23 most beautiful highlights & interesting places to visit


1. Trogir

As the town of beautiful Venetian architecture, Trogir was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The small islet it stands on is full of churches, towers and buildings, a mix of Greek, Roman and Venetian architectural influences, and stylistic features of the Hellenistic, Renaissance, Romanesque and Baroque periods.

It’s the atmosphere and the ambience of this architecture that attracts tourist so much: the magic of the amount of history contained in a relatively small space, embellished with that characteristic Mediterranean charm.

Best historical sites in Trogir

2. Kamerlengo Tower

This fortress has been protecting the town of Trogir since 1437 and played an important part in the Venice - Genoa battle. Today it serves as a stage for the town’s many cultural events.

3. Rector’s Palace

Serving as the City Hall today, back in the day only the noblemen and aristocracy were allowed to enter this palace.

4. Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas

This monastery has been a part of the city’s religious and spiritual life for almost a thousand years. It is the home of the Benedictine nuns and houses the Kairos Collection of artworks.

5. Cathedral of St. Lawrence

This triple-nave basilica was built over the course of several centuries and is a great example of a succession of styles. It is also one of the most impressively sized buildings in Trogir.

6. Cipiko Palace

This grand complex consists of two palaces where the stylistic features of the Gothic, Renaissance and the Romanesque period mix together to give them a truly noble appearance.

7. Church and Monastery of St. Dominick

This monastery will be a treat for every art and archaeology aficionado. Its rich interior is adorned with a great number of sculptures, paintings and several tombs.

Trogir’s best curiosities

8. Pazar Market

If you want to experience that genuine local feel of the everyday life of Trogir, take a stroll down the town’s Pazar market and enjoy the tradition of shopping and lively conversation about everything and nothing in particular that is over two hundred years old.

9. Tree of Love

The legend says that if you want your love to last forever you must kiss under the canopy of the most famous of Trogir’s trees. Pro tip: kiss your dog.

10. Marmont’s Gloriette 

This beautiful little pavilion was built in 1808 as a monument in honour of France. Built in the classical style, with six Doric pillars supporting the beams and forming a hexagon, at the time of construction it was completely surrounded by sea.

11. Museum of Sacred Art

Dedicated to preserving religious art of the city this museum can boast an envious collection that contains not only church relics but stunning masterpieces of painting, too.

12. City Loggia

As the most important site of public interest the Loggia tripled as an open courthouse, a meeting place for the city council and a detention facility. Women were prohibited from entering it but nowadays it is open for all those who want to grab a quick bite and rest during their city walk.

Trogir Outdoors

13. Visit the Pantan Nature reserve

This Mediterranean swamp east of Trogir is the meeting place of the river Rika and the sea, with the waters of both mixing to creating a rich and diverse ecosystem. Forty five avian species have made it their permanent home, with a hundred and fifty more coming to feed and take shelter there. This makes the reserve an important ornithological area and visiting it will make for a wonderful experience for all bird watchers and nature lovers.

14. Taste the sun-kissed olive oil

A stay in any Dalmatian town wouldn’t be quite complete without a tasting tour, and the Bilaja olive oil mill offers just such a pivotal Mediterranean experience. Aside from olive product tasting enhanced with other local products you will be able to see all the modern ways in which old oil-making traditions are carried out today.

15. Take a walk down the Trogir promenade

Every Dalmatian town has one, and Trogir’s Riva is adorned with palm trees, wide walkways and dozens of bars and restaurants for your pleasure. While the waterfront is gently dotted with yachts and smaller boats, both the promenade and the docks are much less crowded than in larger coastal towns and more delightful and friendly because of it. 

Lovely during every time of day, your walk will be particularly pretty in the morning sun and at sunset time.

16. Have an action-movie race on a jet ski safari

If you’re in need of some speed and you know how to handle your jet ski, why not book a water safari tour to the island of Drvenik Veli?

You’ll be speeding down the waterways to its gorgeous Blue Lagoon, leaving a trail of sea foam in your wake, swimming in the perfect azure shade of its sea and heading back within two action-packed hours.

Beaches in Trogir

17. Medena beach

Along its one and a half kilometers this pebbled beach is lively in all of the best summer ways. It is equipped with all kinds of amenities and recreational facilities that will not disappoint, and lots of natural shade for the maximum of comfort.

18. Pantan beach

This mostly sandy beach is somewhat of a wild one, surrounded by a pine tree forest near the Pantan Nature Reserve. There aren’t any amenities here so you’ll want to bring whatever you might need with you, but the experience of the untamed landscape will make up for it.

19. Mastrinka beach

For all those who want privacy, the Mastrinka beach with its natural shade of Mediterranean trees and the oval stone terrain will serve you perfectly.

Where to dine in Trogir

20. Riva Restaurant

The Italian-Mediterranean menu here will impress you with its home-made dough pizza, amazing Italian pasta, and all manner of risottos and seafood. For the best view, take your delicious spread on the restaurant’s terrace.

21. Skrapa Tavren

An authentic Dalmatian tavern, with large wooden benches and tables and a classic Mediterranean menu. Particularly tasty are the dishes made under the baking bell and the Dalmatian ‘pasticada’.

22. Fontana Restaurant

This restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine of seafood, risottos and pasta, as well as uncomplicated dishes such as hamburgers and grilled squid.

23. Obelix restaurant

This fast food restaurant is very popular with tourists since it’s open after midnight and is a great place to grab a bite or sit for a refreshing glass of craft beer in the small hours of the night.

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My walk down the Trogir Promenade was so lovely. The view of the waterfront was so lovely and therapeutic. During my stay here I also visited the Pantan Nature Reserve was so epic. Thanks to the guide I had a memorable moment.
I visited the karmelengo tower in this location and learned a lot about the significance of the building. I learned from the guide that it had been in existence as early as 1437 and was used to protect the town of Trogir during the Genoa battle.
I took a walk to the Trigor promenade In the morning and enjoyed the morning fresh breeze. It was lovely to walk around the city to find a nice restaurant where I had a delicious breakfast. The guide was very helpful to me. I loved the place.
The beautiful Palace at Cipiko was such a beauty to behold. The guide gave us the exact location where to find the place and indeed we arrived without getting lost. We toured this place and loved it. I will come back again.
We found the information about the Tree of Love in the guide. We arrived at Trogir with my fiance and went about looking for this tree of love. We did not take long to find it thanks to your guide. We kissed under this tree as the story goes so that our love could last forever.
The museum of sacred art is an iconic location with immense artifacts and collection as suggested in the guide. I was awed by the numerous religious paintings and relics. It was a great experience and will visit again.
Like suggested by the guide, we kissed under the canopy of the famous Trogir tree so that our love lasts forever. At Pazar Market, we enjoyed the tradition of shopping, we bought lots of souvenirs to take back home. Thanks to the guide for leading me to the monastery where I quested my love for interior designs