Guide to the best beaches of Trogir


The beautiful Dalmatian town of Trogir wows its visitors with a long and rich history and amazing architecture that is a mix of Hellenistic, Renaissance, Romanesque and Baroque periods, all veiled in the charm of the sun-kissed Mediterranean.


While exploring this beautiful town will give you plenty of things to do on your vacation, you won’t have to miss out on the classic summertime beach fun. Trogir and its vicinity are dotted with all types of beaches that make the best of their scenery and offer a wide range of entertainment and recreational activities.


We have compiled a list of the best beaches in Trogir and its surroundings to make your quest for the most suitable beach easy and effortless.




Beaches in Trogir



1.1. City beach Trogir


If you’re strolling down the streets of the historic Trogir you might like to keep going until you reach the town beach. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, a water playground for the kids, and cafes and restaurants in the nearest possible vicinity, this beach will make it easy for you to incorporate seaside fun into your sightseeing itinerary.


1.2. Pantan Beach


This mostly sandy beach is somewhat of a wild one, surrounded by a pine tree forest near the Pantan Nature Reserve. There aren’t any amenities here so you’ll want to bring whatever you might need with you, but the experience of the untamed landscape will make up for it.


1.3. Misevac beach


If you’re looking for a quiet place for contemplation and getting in touch with your inner self, this low-key beach will welcome you into its semi-wilderness devoid of crowds and noise.


1.4. Marinova Draga Beach


This small cozy beach with an easy sea access and natural shade will prove ideal for those who don’t need additional amenities and are looking for a simple place to have a swim with the entire family.


1.5. Saldun beach


Gorgeous low-key beach with a white pebbled shore, palm trees and olive trees, and a restaurant, is just the right kind of a beach to pop down to if you want to get away from summer crowds but remain within easy reach of the historic part of Trogir, only a short walk away.



Beaches in the near vicinity of Trogir


2.1. Medena beach


Along its one and a half kilometers this pebbled beach is lively in all of the best summer ways. It is equipped with all kinds of amenities and recreational facilities that will not disappoint, and lots of natural Mediterranean pine tree shade for the maximum of comfort.


2.2. Bucevica beach


White pebbled shore, a beach bar and and wooden swing rising out of the crystal azure sea give this beach a tropical feel right in the middle of the Dalmatian coast.


2.3. Mastrinka beach


This stone-pebble beach near Trogir is a classic local beach, nesting in the natural shade of Mediterranean trees. The shallow and calm sea will beckon you to take a dip, and the fragrance of nearby pine trees will awaken your carefree inner Summer child. 


2.4. Seget Vranjica beach


The three kilometers of the coastline of Seget Vranjica include fine-gravel mini coves perfect for swimming and sunbathing, various types of Mediterranean vegetation for natural shade, dozens of various cafes and restaurants for a lavish lunch break, and recreational facilities in case you want to get active.


2.5. Krcica beach


This lovely little beach in Arbanija with a mainly pebble-and-gravel terrain is never crowded, and you won’t be bored, either, with the beach bar right there and jet-skis available for rent.


2.6. Okrug beach


The most popular beach of the Trogir riviera, Okrug beach is located on the eastern side of the Čiovo island and is also known as the Copacabana beach. No doubt it has earned this nickname because of its wide pebbled shore, a great number of cafes and restaurants and the water sports center located nearby, all of which guarantee a fantastic day of summer leisure.


2.7. Stari Trogir Bay beach


This off-the-beaten-track location in Sevid is one of the farthest of all Trogir Riviera beaches. Somewhat hard to access by car, you will find it has a lot to impress you with once you get there. The part sandy, part pebble shore, flanked by low cliffs descending into the sea doubles as an archaeological site with the remains of the Roman villa rustica. No doubt a worthy prize at the end of your journey.



Why are Trogir’s beaches so unique?


Holidaying in Trogir will give you a fantastic experience of exploring a historical Mediterranean town with a rich history and an amazing architecture.


Because the tourist offer is so abundant, the beaches of the Trogir Riviera had to rise to the challenge and model themselves to be versatile and accommodate for every type of tourist and visitor.


Those of Trogir’s beaches that offer entertainment and recreational facilities are so well equipped that they enable their visitors to linger on the beach all day long.


The highlight of Trogir’s coastline, however, are the many local or neighbourhood beaches, often located off the road. While they are equipped with only the most basic of amenities, they serve as wonderful cozy places, an excellent blend of the urban setting and natural scenery: perfect for a relaxed beach picnic, with the small villages and resorts always within reach.



We hope you’ll find the beaches of Trogir and its Riviera just as charming and as welcoming as we do. We’d love to hear your Trogir stories, so feel free to tell us all about your holiday in the comment section. And have a fantastic time! 

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