14 intersting places in Trogir


Beautiful Trogir is one of the interesting places on the Dalmatian coast and far beyond, and is located only 30 kilometers from Split.

It has a turbulent history dating back to 380 BC, and has been throughout history ruled by Greeks, Romans, Austrians and Venetians.

The old town of Trogir was named the best island city in the world by National Geographic in 2015, so this is not a place you want to miss.

Therefore, many exciting things await you in Trogir.  Sightseeing the medieval streets is a kind of time travel where something is worth seeing on almost every corner. Everywhere you look, there is beautiful architecture, stunning views of the sea and palm trees.

In this guide we show you the most interesting attractions of the city of Trogir:

1. Kamerlengo Tower - a massive fortress built in 1437, used to house the Venetian army and defend the sea channel and access to the port. Today, it is used as a stage for many outdoor cultural events. 

2. Church and Monastery of St. Dominica - the monastery was founded in 1265. The church itself was built from the 14th to the 17th century. Exceptional interior in which, in addition to the masterpieces of great sculptors, visitors can see many important old tombs, including those of great humanists from the 15th century Ivan and Simon Sobota, as well as many works of art by Biagio di Giorgio da Traù, Nicolas of Florence, Jacopo Palma Jr. and others.

3. Museum of Sacred Art - the Museum of Sacred Art is located on the first floor of the Parish Court. In this small museum are exhibited various religious manuscripts, paintings of St. John the Baptist from 1489, the work of the great painter Bellini, a vivid crucifix almost in life-size with the Triumphal Christ.

4. The Tree of Love - that "it is always a good time for love" in Trogir is evidenced by an unusual tree which the people of Trogir, because of the discreet place in the shade of the canopy where loving couples gathered, called the Tree of Love. According to a romantic legend, a couple kissing in this place will carry eternal love in their heart.

5. City Museum - located in the Garagnin Palace in 1966, gives a unique view of the history of the city with a collection of textiles, furniture, a beautiful library and other items.

6. Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas - Benedictine monastery with the church of St. Nicholas dates back to the 11th century, with the fact that the church was originally called St. Domnius. Inside the monastery is the oldest image of the Virgin with a Child and a stone relief of the ancient Greek god of the happy moment Kairos, dating from the 3rd or 4th century BC and which legend says will bring happiness to anyone who pulls it by the tuft of hair at the right time.

7. Cathedral of St. Lawrence - cathedral of St. Lawrence is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Croatia and its construction took almost 300 years, to get its final shape in 1598. It is known for Radovan's Portal, a work of unique artistic value built in 1340, which consists of lions, apostles, saints, statues of Adam and Eve and other decorations. It has a bell tower 47 meters high, and the interior of the cathedral is a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.

8. Church of St. Peter - According to legend, the church was founded by Queen Mary - the wife of King Bela IV, during her stay in Trogir in 1242. The church originally belonged to a Benedictine nunnery, and in the 17th century, it was renovated in the Baroque style.

9. Marina - this small and picturesque village was first mentioned in 1070. In the time of the old Croats, today's area of ​​Marina was called Drid, and the place itself Bosiljna, which was mentioned in the 9th century as part of the Trogir community. Near Marina, there is an interesting cave of St. Philip and James with the chapel.

10. Trogir Waterfront - with its relaxed atmosphere, the locals who drink coffee and enjoy the sun, Trogir waterfront is an ideal place to get to know the Mediterranean way of life. One of the most beautiful places in Trogir that offers enjoyment both day and night, be it lunch or coffee in some of the restaurants, or an evening walk after a beautiful sunset.

11. Rector's Palace - the Rector's Palace dates from the 13th century, and in the 19th century it was restored in the Renaissance style. It contains the historical coats of arms of Venetian princes and other nobles, and on the door above the staircase, there is an inscription that only nobles are allowed access. The courtyard also contained a theater which was later destroyed. Today, the building houses the city administration - City Hall.

12. City Gate - The South City Gate or porta civitatis, were built in the Renaissance style in 1593. On their east side is a loggia intended for the stay of the then travelers who arrived in the city at a time when its doors were closed, and today there is a gallery and souvenir shop. The northern city gate or porta terraefermae, decorated with the Venetian lion, was built in the 17th century and connected the city and the mainland with a stone bridge. At their top is a statue of St. John of Trogir, patron saint of the city of Trogir.

13. Cipiko Palace - the palace of the Cipiko family from the 13th century is a complex of buildings adorned with an architectural mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. It consists of a large and a small palace. On the front, there is an inscription "Nosce te ipsum" which means "Know yourself". Apart from architecture, tourists can admire many works of art here.

14. Pazar -Trogir Market, or Pazar as locals call it, is an authentic place of Dalmatian and Croatian culture of living for 200 years.


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