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Alina beach is located in the center of Sevid not far from Trogir. The beach is made of beautiful fine white pebbles and sand, with some concrete parts that are suitable for sunbathing. The entrance to the sea is mild, and the seabed is also covered with small pebbles. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the strong sun. The sea is warm, shallow and pleasant. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to take everything you need with you. If you still want a cocktail or lunch, the center of Sevid is very close, and the apartment complex is already above the beach.

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The beach offers a great place for volleyball beach and my friends did not hesitate to play one. Afterwards we took time to visit the protected archaeological site Stari Trogir and later in the evening we enjoyed some night out in the clubs around the town.
This beautiful fine white pebble and sandy beach is offers some concrete parts fpr sunbathing in the summer sun. It lacks natural shade and I would advice to put on some sun protection.The absence of additional facilities on the beach needs you to carry all you need before visiting the beach. Ceter of Sevid nearby offers refreshments such as cocktails.
I loved the privacy and seclusion of this location. I enjoyed strolling around the promenade and watching the beautiful nature and people relaxing. I took several photos to remind me of this wholesome visit.
very good!!!
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