Punta Planka Beach


Punta Planka beach is located not far from Rogoznica, and is located on a small cape. The beach is made of beautiful fine white pebbles and stones, with some concrete parts that are suitable for sunbathing. The entrance to the sea is mild, and the seabed is also covered with small pebbles. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the strong sun. The sea is warm, shallow and pleasant. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to take everything you need with you. If you still want a cocktail or lunch, the center of Rogoznica is very close, if you travel by car.

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I enjoyed the peace and silence here because it wasn't overcrowded .The white pebbles that cover the beach make it so beautiful ,the sea here is warm, shallow , pleasant and has a distinctive blue color.The entrance of this beach is mild and accessible ,there is no shade on the beach therefore carry some sunscreen to protect you from the sun .Carry everything you need because there are no additional facilities .
The beach offers these great services such as free WiFi so it was fun taking pictures of the scenic view and uploading them on the internet. There is also an exclusive beach where can go and have peaceful moments away from people.
I loved sunbathing on the beautiful beach as my friends and I strategized on our business idea. connecting with nature motivated us to be more creative and the vacation was really fruitful. I will be back with my sister to enjoy the beauty of this location.
very good!!!
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