Racice Beach


Racice Beach is a pebble beach with concrete parts and is located on the island of Rogoznica. The pebble part of the beach is a great choice for families with small children, since the entrance to the sea is easy. Showers are available to visitors. There is no natural shade on the beach, so you should bring your own sun protection in the summer months.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Račice bb, 22203, Rogoznica


(4 reviews)
Visited there once and the beach is beautiful from the nice pebbles arranged nicely for great sunbathing experience for small children to adults. There was however no trees around to provide shade in case of excess heat
A wonderful destination for families, this pebble beach with concrete parts has an easy entrance to the sea something that is good for kids. My children enjoying playing close to the sea, swimming was fun for me, the beach has showers for the visitors. However, lack of shade demands you carry an umbrella and sunscreen in the summer months. It is usually crowded but still a nice visit.
The beach is an open one and has no shade, it has a nice stretch to the sea and has showers as well, the beach is full of pebbles and enjoyed walking here, there waters are shallow suitable for kids swimming, i had a good time here. Also accomodation is available in plenty.
very good!!!
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