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Pasnjak beach is located in a small tourist resort Pisak on the road between Rogoznica and Brela. The beach is easily accessible both on foot and by car, and actually belongs to the resort hotel beach. Above the beach there is an apartment complex with many villas, hotels and holiday homes. The beach is made of fine brown pebbles both on the coast and on the seabed. On both sides of the beach stretch white rocks that give a sense of privacy from the eyes of the public. Above the beach there is a small grove that provides you with natural shade and shelter from the sun, but be sure to bring appropriate protection. You will not find additional facilities or facilities on the beach, but you will find them near the beach. Pašnjak beach is not big, so do not be surprised if you encounter crowds. We definitely recommend that you arrive at the beach early in the morning.

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All the beaches in the world at one place! Beach Pasnjak is an amazing little spot. Although the beach is quite small, it is definitely worth visiting because of its secluded swimming area, a lot of fishes that can be seen if you go snorkeling and great views.
I enjoyed strolling along the beach every evening after a hard day of work and watching the sunset on the distant horizon. It was fulfilling listening to nature go to sleep and the waves crashing in a distance. I will visit again soon.
The beach is easily accessible , it is made of fine brown pebbles and it has privacy. Shade and shelter from the sun is provided by the groove, but be sure to bring protection.The beach has no facilities to rent from, so bring the appropriate things you need for the vacation.Refreshments are also near the beach.
very good!!!
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