Blue bay


Blue bay is located in Rogoznica, and is somewhat hidden from the public eye. As its name suggests, the bay with the beach is characterized by an incredible blue-green sea that is of perfect purity and quality. The beach is pebbly with rocky parts, but the rocks are not too sharp and the entrance to the sea is gentle. The bay is popular with boaters who anchor their boats nearby. There is a forest around the beach, so natural shade is available to you. Since there are no additional facilities, and no catering facilities nearby, be sure to bring everything you need for the holiday.

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Am not much into swimming so I enjoyed the view of the blue-green colour of the sea which was really beautiful. The fragrance smell from the pine trees was also nice while enjoying the shade from the hot sun.
The quality of the beach is excellent as the water is clean and clear and favourable for swimmers. The beach however misses the shower booths as well as cafes and restaurants to grab some drinks and food
This beach is so pretty. You can feel the stones tickle your feet as you walk on the beach. It feels so good diving the sea since the underwater world is lovely. As long as you carry needed and sunscreen then you are off to having fun.
very good!!!
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