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Kutlesa beach is located in Mimice on the Omis Riviera not far from Rogoznica. The beach is very popular, both among locals and tourists primarily because of its appearance, but also the location (the beach is easily accessible by car or on foot from the center). The beach is long, semicircular and made entirely of fine gravel and stone parts, and the seabed as well. The entrance to the sea is shallow, mild and favorable for all ages, and the seabed is clear, transparent and incredibly blue-green in color reminiscent of the Caribbean. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so bring the appropriate things you need for a beach holiday. However, if you decide to look for refreshment in one of the beach or cafe bars and restaurants, do not worry - everything is at your fingertips, in fact a cafe is located near the beach, and is a favorite place to go out in the evening.

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I spent a lot of time relaxing in the nearby cafe, reading my book while the kids were running around the beach and engaging in numerous games. It was relaxing to be away from the house and the kids having other kids their age to play with.
The beach is easily accessible , it is long and it's made of fine gravel and stones , its entrance to the sea is shallow , mild and blue-green in color.There are no additional facilities so carry with you things that you need for your vacation.Refreshments are available at the beach.
Absolutely gorgeous beach! Very clean, small and overall pleasant. I enjoyed activities such as swimming and boat riding. The beach has restaurants and cafes around which offers refreshments to the tourists and the public.
very good!!!
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