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Ivasnjak beach is located in the tourist attraction Rogoznica, more precisely in Lokve. The beach is easily accessible on foot and very popular among all generations, tourists and locals because of its amazing completely sandy beach. The entrance to the sea is shallow and gentle, and the sea is warm, clean and of top quality. The beach is quite long and follows the line of the coast of Podstrana, so do not be surprised if you encounter crowds. A particularly fun activity is swimming and swimming when the waves come. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so bring the appropriate things you need for a beach holiday. But if you still decide to look for refreshment in one of the beach or cafe bars and restaurants, don't worry - everything is at your fingertips. The center of Rogoznica is also not far if you go by car, so you can explore in peace all the sights and attractions that the city has to offer.

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If you love swimming with the waves then this beach will give you that satisfaction. My college mates and I enjoyed swimming in the waves. We ook a walk in the town and spotted some very good quiet places where you could just enjoy the sea.
This sandy beach is accessible by foot or car and is just great for anyone to visit, the shallow and gentle entrance to the warm and clean sea us great for swimming, it is a big beach so expect crowds.There are no additional facilities on the beach so carry everything you will need, but you can get refreshments near the beach or in the center of Rogoznica and enjoy the sights there.
My nephew had a blissful experience playing in the shallow waters. I loved how convenient the location was as it provided all the necessary equipment and allowed him to enjoy the summer even though he was handicapped. It was a beautiful experience
very good!!!
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