Church of St. John of Trogir


The Church of St. John, a protected site of national religious heritage, is located on Cape Planka in a harsh desert landscape. Although the church is more than 10 meters from the sea, waves carrying destructive salt still manage to reach it. Over time, they surrounded the church. jagged rocks that now form part of the overall structure. One of the miracles attributed to the Christian saint Ivan, Bishop of Trogir from the 11th century, is related to Cape Planka. According to legend, after the shipwreck at Cape Planka he walked on the waves and saved the lives of King Koloman and all the sailors. In memory of him and his miracles, a votive church was built on this site in 1324.

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21220, Trogir


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very good!!!
We visited the church and loved the Gothic style with a Romansque traditional building that was beautiful. The surrounding desert landscape was superb and the rocks around were amazing with awesome historical story.
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