North bay Stari Trogir


One of the most beautiful bays is Old Trogir, which is also an archeological park, decorated with sandy beaches, clear water and the remains of a Roman villa. The buildings of the complex are built on cliffs that extend further into the sea and land towards the vineyards

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public beach



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Sevid bb, 21222, Sevid


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The North bay which is also an archeological park was nothing short of enjoyable and mysterious.If you love hearing about history and discovering about some interesting facts then this is the place for you. The clear water is just a beautiful site to see and the buildings here are so well arranged and the place is just so clean.Loved it!
The presence of old Roman villa in this village of North bay Stari Trogir gives the beach a sense of timelessness. I visited this beach last year with my family and it was indeed one of the most memorable places to be. The cliff behind makes the place quite. It is well kept and maintained .
The water at North bay is clear with beautiful fine white pebbles and sand. The sea is warm, shallow and pleasant. It was not occupied at all and i enjoyed my vacation here. In short, I would simply say I enjoyed the place.
very good!!!
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