Vela Rina Beach


Vela Rina Beach is a sandy beach on the island of Drvenik Mali. It is located about 1 kilometer from the ferry port. It is the most famous beach on the whole island, due to the beautiful bay and turquoise sea. There is no natural shade on the beach, so it is necessary to bring your own umbrella or another type of sun protection. Children will especially enjoy this beach - the sea is shallow and the possibilities for playing in the sand are endless. Next to the beach is a restaurant where you can try local culinary specialties.

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public beach

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Vela Rina, Drvenik Mali, 21220


(4 reviews)
Vela Rina beach is indeed the beach of everyone dream. This is the beach where my husband proposed to marry me. The beach is stunning. I will indeed come back with me children to this place. Its should be on your bucket list.
Vela Rina Beach is a family friendly beach where kids can enjoy their stay and play around on the sand. My family I enjoyed this beach. There Are no rental services available here so one is greatly advised to bring their own sun protection in order to enjoy their stay. It was quite a fulfilling day spending time on this beach and later enjoyed the local culinary specialties offered in the nearby restaurant.
Vela Rina beach has this beautiful color of the water and it’s a sandy beach great for children. Next to the beach is a restaurant where one can find local culinary specialties.
very good!!!
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