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The city tower is one of the symbols of Rijeka's recognizability. Throughout its history, it served as a passable tower through which one entered the city. It stood out for its height because in the Middle Ages there were no buildings that could match it in this segment. The tower has been renovated several times, so one of the upgrades was the addition of a City Clock, and below it, in the relief of the tower, the coat of arms of the city of Rijeka was formed. Also, under the clock today you will find a double-headed eagle holding the urn with its claws.

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very good!!!
I visited the city clock, a famous tourist attraction in the country. I took photos and even stood on the clock. I later enjoyed a stroll in the city.
One of the most evident sites in the city while strolling around. I took a picture for my postcards and it made them unique
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