Stairs of Petar Kruzic


A total of 539 stairs from the center of Rijeka are the shortest way to Trsat, and the so-called Trsat stairs were built in 1531 as a vow by Klis captain Petar Kruzhich, after whom they were named. On that occasion, 128 steps were set up on the steepest part of the trail.
Other stairs were built later, so today from the foot of Sushak to the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary there are a total of 561 steps that you can climb and get a better view of the city panorama.

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Trsatske stube Petra Kružića, 51000, Rijeka


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My friends and i enjoyed the climb of the over 500 steps in the beautiful staircase. The view at the top is to die for. Our guide was an amazing soul too.
very good!!!
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