Rijeka Cathedral (Cathedral of St. Vitus)


Trsat Castle is a scene you would put on a postcard.

The castle is located on a hill above the city and has been there since the 13th century and legend has it that it is protected by legendary creatures named Basilisks.

This magnificent fortress offers spectacular views of the ramparts, rivers and docks below. It was built by the Krk princes Fankopan, but was renovated in 1824 when it was bought by Count Nugent and added a touch of romantic neoclassical design. Today you will find a gallery inside along with an underground exhibition that was once the castle's dungeon. The Trsat Castle also hosts several events such as concerts, theater performances and fashion shows

Entrance to Trsat Castle costs 15kn for adults. This includes access to a variety of rooms, including dungeons and an outdoor café.

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Grivica ul. 11, 51000, Rijeka


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very good!!!
I took a trip to the Rijeka Cathedral on my vacation. The cathedral was amazing and had great views of the city. I took lots of pictures and went through the cathedral multiple times. I used a DSLR camera with tripod to capture all the details of the place.
The rich history behind the building of the church , the tranquil environment and the friendly locals made my trip there so memorable. A beautiful haven indeed.
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