Rijeka Tunnel


Tunnel of Rijeka is a pedestrian tunnel located in the center of the city of Rijeka. It stretches 350 meters below Rijeka's Old Town, from the Cathedral of St. Vitus to the courtyard of the Dolac Elementary School.
The tunnel was dug by the Italian army between 1939 and 1942 to protect the civilian population from Allied bombing during World War II, and was used during
Homeland War. It's always cold in the tunnel and as you walk through its corridors you can feel the spirit of those turbulent times.

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very good!!!
Rijeka Tunnel is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Croatia. I got to visit this tourist site last summer. It was cool and exciting, I met a lot of people and made some friends while over there. We went swimming in the sea which was cold at first but later became warmer with time. I also visited the local shops and bought souvenirs like: picture frames, key chains, and pencils for my friends back home.
One of the must visit places for history lovers visiting Rijenka. The 350 meter long tunnel gave me a unique experience walking through it especially its great walls
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