A Guide for a One-Day Trip to Rijeka


Rijeka is an exciting port city where the influences of different cultures have intertwined throughout history, and today it is a modern tourist destination. After Split, Rijeka is the largest city on the Croatian coast and offers every visitor a whole range of interesting attractions and stories. How to discover the best that Rijeka has to offer in just one day? Find the answer in this guide.

1. Korzo Promenade - The Korzo promenade is the center of Rijeka, its most famous street and place of public events. There are many valuable historical buildings, palaces and churches on and around the Korzo. The street is a pedestrian zone, which makes discovering the beauties of Korzo even more enjoyable.

2. City Clock - The city tower is one of the city symbols. Throughout its history, it served as a passable tower through which one entered the city. It stood out for its height because back then there were no buildings that could match it. The tower has been redecorated several times, so one of the upgrades was the addition of the city clock, and below it, the coat of arms of the city of Rijeka was added.

3. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - In 2017, this new museum was opened to promote modern and contemporary art. In that short time, it became one of the most important cultural institutions in Croatia. Throughout the year, the museum organizes exhibitions and events in an effort to bring contemporary art closer to the public.

4. Restaurant Municipium - Municipium is a famous restaurant in Rijeka located in the city center, in a beautiful historic building from the Habsburg era. The menu is mostly focused on fish dishes, fresh fish and seafood. But if you are a fan of meat dishes or pasta - do not worry, you will find classic Mediterranean dishes prepared in a traditional way.

5. Tunnel - Rijeka Tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel located in the center of Rijeka. It stretches 350 meters below Rijeka's Old Town, from the Cathedral of St. Vitus to the yard of the Elementary School Dolac. The tunnel was dug by the Italian army between 1939 and 1942 to protect the civilian population from Allied bombing during World War II.

6. Peek & Poke Museum - Over 2,000 exhibits of the world and Croatian computer history, audio, video and photo technology are on display in the permanent exhibition. Located on an area of ​​300 square meters, in the center of Rijeka, it is one of the world's top 5 museums on this topic and is also the largest such exhibition in this part of Europe.

7. Rijeka Cathedral - The Cathedral of St. Vitus in Rijeka is the only round Baroque building in the whole of Croatia. The construction of the cathedral began in 1638, and it was built on the model of the Venetian church of Santa Maria della Salute. The entire interior, the altar, the pulpit exude the unity of style of the Italian artists who were responsible for the decoration.

8. Stairs of Petar Kruzic - A total of 539 stairs from the center of Rijeka are the shortest way to Trsat, and these so-called Trsat Stairs were built in 1531 as a vow by the captain of Klisa Petar Kruzic, after whom they are named. On that occasion, 128 steps were set up on the steepest part of the trail. Other stairs were built later, so today from the foot of Susak to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary there are a total of 561 steps that you can climb and get a better view of the panorama of the city.

9. Trsat Fortress - Trsat Fortress is an ideal place for walking, coffee and sightseeing. First of all, the Trsat Fortress, which dates back to prehistory when it was just an observatory. Its present appearance is due to its last owner, Count Laval Nugent, who bought it in the first half of the 19th century and restored it as a family mausoleum. In the immediate vicinity is the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, one of the oldest in Croatia, which was visited in June 2003 by Pope John Paul II.

10. Tavern Tarsa - Tavern Tarsa is a real example of a seaside tavern, and is located just below the historic Trsat. The menu is full of traditional dishes prepared according to local recipes, so you will find everything from sumptuous platters with local meat and fresh fish to homemade pasta with spicy goulash. Sweeten your meal with pancakes that have been declared the best in the entire Kvarner Bay.

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My husband and i had a romantic getaway to this port city and it was super enjoyable. We are also grateful for the guide for helping us navigating various spots. We were excited to visit the restaurant Municipium and the museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
walking around this busy Korzo streets gives an insight into the rich culture of the people that inhabited it. The guide highlighted the Baroque-style buildings, palaces, and churches present along this street and I loved the whole experience. I will bring my husband on my next visit.
I had the opportunity to tour the Korzo Promenade and enjoyed my experience with the assistance of the one day trip guide.. The City clock was an eyecatcher on arrival to Rijeka. As an art lover, the Museum of Modern and contemporary Art was the place to be, there were lots of exhibitions to behold.
I recently visited Rijeka and wanted to review my online hotel guide. It helped me find what was really close by and avoid having to drive around looking for the tunnel and the best restaurant in the city, which was the Peek and Pook. I highly recommend this guide if your are visiting this area of Croatia as it has a lot of information on all things Rijeka!
The guide answered the question of what to find Rijeka just in a day. We discovered Tavern Tarsa where we took traditional dishes that were cooked to perfection. The staff and the locals were friendly to us. They made us feel at home.
After the long walk through the Rijeka Tunnel, we stopped at Restaurant Municipium. My kids loved the seafood and pasta there because the seafood was fresh and cooked to perfection, tender for them to eat. The sight at the Trsat Fortress was wondrous .
Rijeka is such a lovely town. Visiting it for a day was such an epic memory thanks to the guide. The guide contained a list of interesting places to visit within Rijeka. It was so efficient.